Monday, May 7, 2007

Hacking From the mind, let's get better protection

Hacking is the topic i like most. Though i plan to hack the great things.. i am totally ethical to it..
I have just started with little jocky of psycology, little bit of maths and science..
I have found several administrators (Those are my tiny creatures for fishing). I believe what starts is with the wall of servers.
In most cases i found these administrators has multiple responsibilities, to maintain network, maintain security, maintain emails security and in somecase webs too..
They have to do hard labour for all of it. I know ... and this is the loophole i striked...
These people have multiple places for safety.. and in most cases a couple of characters (Password) are maintained for the security issue. These administrators have the same memory ie remember 8-12 characters if it's not familiar and 20-25 characters if associated with the event (It's Psycology) and several words only for their protection.
Now the case is same for DOS (Denial of Service Attack) for computer, these people are attacked with continuous set of passwords for their lives.
So most common these people keep same password for all, if not for similar purposes..
Most vague part is how much they surf the Internet..
These days internet needs sign name and password for their relevance to provide information. Administrators have to create account and passwords for these activities. I have been watching the events and faced some administrators as
1. some keep record of usernames and password in their papers or mobile phones.
2. some just use name and password and view while neglet for next purpose.
3. some keep strong and relatively strong passwords at all
The first type administrators can't go often with their friends as they can leak their stuffs being with friends
The second type of administrators are in more complex situation, they have to create next account and password for next same purpose so they can be observed through network.
The third people have strong password but their limitation of memory lets them associate passwords with some events ... This could be easily targeted with (Event assumption) after caring multiple events.
Noway Secure..
This password system fails at all.
Why not discover a new system ..
I have an idea.. Let's discuss

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